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Maevenly Writes...

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8 July 1972
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What can I say? I love to read, write, dance and work too hard. I read everything from Jane Austen to Arthur Hailey to Helen Fielding to Stephanie Laurens to Thomas Roche - with a bit of Umberto Eco thown in for sleepless nights. Writing has been mainly fan-fiction (Harry Potter and Battlestar Galactica, the re-imagined series - although I do really enjoy the original series as well) and now I'm working on an original novel. Dancing is fun. Choreography is a blast. Costuming is a hoot. Going out of my mind because I'm doing too many things at once occurs on a regular basis. Friends rock, sex is even better and neither are mutually exclusive! Dumb-Assness make me roll with laughter.

Hmmm - what else? I'm not sure, but when it happens, you know you're going to read about it!